Hair care favourites

How long has it been since you’ve loved your hair? Truly loved the way it looked, felt and smelt? It doesn’t happen everyday for me, but the products I’m about to share with you make all the difference and are worth adding to your hair-care routine.

Hair care can be a fickle beast, and after telling several of my friends off for not looking after their locks and sending them way too many photos of my favourite brands and products, I thought it was time I write a blog about some of these life-changers.

Dry shampoo


It took me so long to be a dry shampoo believer. I never understood how spraying something into your hair could actually ‘clean’ your hair and give it more volume. How wrong I was.

Everyone needs a trusty dry shampoo for days that you’re either too lazy to wash (like me) or just finished at the gym or need a volume boost.

I swear by Batiste but I know there are numerous brands out there that are just as effective. Batiste also has a brunette version so you don’t end up with spots of white powder throughout your hair.

My next purchase will be Ouai’s Dry Shampoo Foam that uses a foam rather than powder to eliminate that gritty day three feeling. If the reviews are anything to go by, this new product looks promising!

Shampoo + Conditioner


My hair since living in America has rebelled against me. I’ve put it down to the old pluming in our rental that pushes out rough minerals into my hair making it feel dirty and oily, even after shampooing the hell out of it.

The only product that has worked for me is Ouai’s shampoo and conditioner.

I’m currently using the curl products which help leave my waves bouncy, soft and silky. The shampoo and conditioner also smells amazing and I can’t wait for Ouai to bring out a perfume line that replicates the scent.

Ouai also stocks a volume, repair, clean and smooth shampoo and conditioner lines to cater to all hair types.

If you can’t get your hands on Ouai, the next best thing is the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner line.


If your hair is as dry and frizzy as mine, these two treatments will revolutionize your hair routine.


Like many things (i.e. dry shampoo) I wasn’t a believer in the Olaplex movement that was sweeping social media and hair salons. But, after just one use, I was converted.

This treatment is not a conditioner, but a bond builder that provides structural repair. When you next go for a colour touch-up, check if your salon stocks Olaplex to include in your service, it’s worth it.

You apply the Olaplex Hair Perfector treatment at home on towel-dried hair from roots to ends – which I prefer than just adding to your ends – and leave it in for as long as you like.

Once you’ve popped in your treatment, spend the morning reading a book, doing your nails or binge on a TV show before washing it out – the longer it’s in your hair the better.

Which brings us to my go-to travel treatment, Ouai.


This Ouai treatment mask has been a game-changer for me and keeping my hair hydrated. Like Olaplex, you can leave the mask on for as long as you like. I was once too tired to wash my mask out so I slept with it still in and rinsed it out the next day – does it get any better?

I currently have a mask in my hair as I write this review and I’m guaranteed softer hair as soon as I wash it out.

I’m also a fan of this product as you can take a mask with you travelling without having to lug around a tub. It’s really helpful when you’re in America going through TSA and they try and confiscate all your liquid goodies.

Leave in treatments


You can never go wrong with Kerastase, their products are always rich and nourishing and I’ve been using them on and off for 10 years.

After a shower, my ends dry pretty quickly which is a sign of lack of moisture. As soon as I towel-dry, I add a dime-sized amount (sometimes more) of the Nectar Thermique to my ends before I either blow-dry or let my hair air-dry.


Surprise, surprise, another Ouai product, can you tell I’m a fan?

This hair oil is my hair-care holy grail and go-to if my hair is acting up – I’m also on my third bottle!

I use this oil religiously every morning before styling or heading out, it nourishes my dry ends and tames frizz.

It’s a great size for travel and can act as a hydrating overnight hair mask or as a UV protectant before a day in the sun.

Ouai also recently released their Rose Hair & Body Oil that I’ll try as soon as my hair oil runs out – in the words of Ouai this product will make strangers say “you smell f***ing amazing”.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, everyone’s hair is different and certain products will work differently for different hair types and unforgiving shower situations like my rusty pipes. People with coil-tight curls like my mum need to use products like DevaCurl with non-lathering shampoo and a ton of moisturizing creams and oils.

If the products above aren’t available (I know Ouai is scarce in Sephora Australia at the moment) or a bit out of your price range, I recommend looking for similar products and get:

  • good quality shampoo and conditioner,
  • rich moisturizing hair treatment,
  • hair oil,
  • leave-in treatment, and
  • a dry shampoo (for the lazy ladies and oily scalps of the world like me).

You should also get a trim at least every 3 months to get rid of split ends.

I hope this advice helps you in your hair endeavors, it’s taken me too long to realize how each of these products has changed my hair for the better. Whatever type of hair you have, these products can help you have manageable, silky, goddess locks.


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